Keeping Old Traditions Alive For 100 Years

Reier and Betsy Torgerson established the first store in Ethridge, Montana in 1912. Their son, Lloyd, worked at the store with them and took over the business in the late thirties. The store operated as a mercantile, sold appliances, trucks and even airplanes until the sixties, when it became a pure farm implement dealer.



Lloyd and his wife, Gene, turned over the business to their three sons in the seventies, who ran the business as a partnership until two of the boys sold their shares to their brother, Eric. Eric now runs the business with his three sons; Brion, Aron, and Lin. Though they all have different roles in the business, all decisions are made as a family.



Torgerson's has grown to into a 4th generation farm implement dealer with 8 locations throughout Montana. In addition, we operate a family farm in Ethridge, Montana. Our legacy is based on strong family values and building something solid and substantial. We believe that our employees are the strength of our company and appreciate their dedication to the business. The love of farming, the land, family, and community is a lifestyle for the Torgerson's. This passion is what keeps the family business growing despite the constant changes in the agricultural industry.




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Our Safety culture focus is becoming behavior based, where our safety teams in each location are working together to identify and help each other prevent accidents.

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AGRI-TREND’S mission since 1997 has been "to help farmers allocate scarce resources to produce a safe, reliable and profitable food supply in an environmentally sustainable manner". The key to AGRI-TREND’S strength is its independent, in depth and innovative advisory services provided to farmers.

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In our desire to fill all of your farm or ranch needs, Torgerson's has also added the following brand names to its list of products. We hope to fill those basic do it yourself needs that Montana farmers and ranchers are known for. Our products are supported by highly qualified representatives that work for you, only we pay them.